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How Does a BeautiFill™ BBL Work?

Full, shapely buttocks can enhance your contours and highlight your natural curves. A BeautiFill™ BBL is the most effective way to achieve this fullness and shape. This procedure uses the most advanced fat processing technology for beautiful, long-lasting results. BeautiFill™ is the most effective way to harvest fat cells that provide extraordinary results. 

What is a BeautiFill™ BBL?

A BeautiFill™ BBL is a type of Brazilian butt lift (BBL). Unlike a standard BLL, a BeautiFill™ BBL takes advantage of specialized BeautiFill™ technology to collect and process your fat for maximum results. A BBL removes fat from donor locations on your body and injects it into the buttocks. The results you achieve depend on the skill of your surgeon, and Dr. Craig Schwartz has extensive experience in this procedure. 

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*Individual Results May Vary

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How Does a BeautiFill™ BBL Work?

During a BeautiFill™ BBL, Dr. Schwartz uses the BeautiFill™ system to separate and harvest fat gently. This system requires only a few tiny incisions and protects the fat cells from damage as it collects them. The system also processes the cells as it harvests them, selecting only the healthiest fat cells ideal for transfer. 

After harvesting these fat cells, Dr. Schwartz uses injections to strategically place the fat into your buttocks. He will focus on adding volume in the areas where you want it. His skill and experience allow him to maximize the survival of transferred fat cells, letting you see the best possible results. He customizes each BBL to produce the lift and shape you desire. 

Transferred fat cells will develop a new blood supply and resume their normal fat cell existence in this new location. Like other fat cells in the body, they will last a lifetime. Fat from the donor area does not differ from fat in the buttocks, so your results look and feel natural. As you may know from attempts to lose weight, fat cells can expand or shrink, but they do not die. As a result, the fat cells in your buttocks will be with you permanently. 

What are the Benefits of a BeautiFill™ BBL?

The BeautiFill™ System

Not all providers who offer BBLs use the BeautiFill™ system. Most use standard liposuction procedures that focus on removing fat, not preserving it. BeautiFill™ is designed for fat transfer, so you receive better-quality fat cells than with other liposuction methods that can cause trauma to the fat cells. BeautiFill™ works more quickly and efficiently, so you spend less time during this stage of the process. 

Natural-Looking Results

A BeautiFill™ BBL looks natural since it uses your body’s fat. You can see a significant increase in volume without the risks of artificial implants. Unlike dermal fillers, the results of a BeautiFill™ BBL last a lifetime and require no maintenance. BeautiFill™ BBL results also feel natural, and you will not feel any difference between the transferred fat and your natural buttock fat. 

Improved Contours

If your buttocks look flat or lack shape, you might feel like your curves look less defined. A BeautiFill™ BBL gives you a butt that highlights your shape and enhances your figure. A rounder, fuller butt can make your waist, abdomen, thighs, and breasts look more sculpted and proportionate. You may find that pants fit better and no longer sag in the buttocks area. 

What is Recovery Like After a BeautiFill™ BBL?

A BeautiFill™ BBL uses tiny incisions that will not limit your usual activities. You can expect some minor swelling immediately after treatment. Most people can return to work within a day or two. Dr. Schwartz will explain the need to keep pressure off your buttocks while the fat establishes, and specific garments will need to be worn. Follow your recovery plan to achieve your best possible results. Your fat cells will take several weeks to establish themselves fully. 

Consultations Available Now

To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at 913-451-8346. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves patients throughout the Kansas City metro.

What Results Will I See After a BeautiFill™ BBL?

Your BeautiFill™ BBL results become visible immediately after treatment. However, they will continue to develop for several weeks as your transferred fat cells settle into place. BeautiFill™ BBL transfers healthy fat cells that will last a lifetime in their new location. As a result, your enhancements are permanent. A BeautiFill™ BBL permanently changes the way your body fat is distributed. The appearance of your buttocks might change if you lose or gain weight, but it will usually remain fairly stable. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a BeautiFill™ BBL?

Since a BeautiFill™ BBL is minimally invasive, most people make good candidates. You might be a candidate if you want long-lasting buttock enhancement. You should have enough body fat so Dr. Schwartz can harvest fat cells. People with certain medical conditions may not be good candidates. Fortunately, a BeautiFill™ BBL is very safe when performed by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Schwartz, with a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Good candidates for any aesthetic procedure should have reasonable expectations about their results. 



*Individual Results May Vary


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