BeautiFill™ Forever Filler for Facial Fat Transfer

The Most Natural Filler Available

Although injecting synthetic dermal fillers is an effective means of restoring lost facial volume and filling in wrinkles, this approach does not provide a lasting solution, and the cost can add up over time because periodic touch-up treatments are required for as long as the patient would like to maintain the aesthetic results of the procedure. In contrast, using one’s own natural fat tissue for lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, and improvements to the jawline, eye, around the mouth & brow areas provides long-lasting results that require very little, if any, treatment maintenance.

Introducing the Facial Filler that Uses Your OWN Fat! BeautiFill™ Forever Filler is a facial fat transfer procedure that can enduringly restore volume & rejuvenate collagen and safely replace synthetic dermal fillers. When you have a BeautiFill™ treatment, you can remove fat from a body area of your choice, inject fat filler into multiple facial areas, receive the procedure in-office with little downtime, and save time and money with one procedure instead of repeated synthetic filler treatments. 

What is BeautiFill™ Liposuction and Fat Transfer for the Face?

BeautiFill™ is an all-in-one solution for body contouring and fat transfer! Fat transfers to the face are quickly becoming the chosen procedure to restore volume and fullness to the face that is lost during the aging process.  

Our BeautiFill™ fat transfer system combines laser, suction, and fat processing into one simple step, allowing Dr. Craig Schwartz to quickly harvest and transfer high-quality fat for immediate re-implantation to address facial volume loss. Similar to other outpatient liposuction procedures like laser lipo and Vaser lipo, BeautiFill™ allows for the rapid and gentle removal of unwanted fat using just local anesthesia right in the comfort and convenience of our practice, reducing the recovery time and associated risks of traditional surgical liposuction. However, unlike the other liposuction procedures, the BeautiFill™ device also isolates the highly viable fat cells for immediate re-implantation to address volume loss.

Am I a Candidate?

Autologous fat transfer (fat from your own body) is an ideal solution for men and women who want to transfer a small amount of unwanted fat from one area of the body to replenish lost volume in their face without the ongoing maintenance and expense of dermal fillers. There are no potential harmful rejection effects since you are using your own fat. People with the following conditions can benefit from BeautiFill™:

  • Thinning Lips
  • Droopy Eyelids
  • Diminishing Jawline
  • Cheek Volume
  • Sagging Skin
  • Diffuse Wrinkles
  • Jowls


BeautiFill™ is not an obesity or weight loss treatment, and as with any elective procedure, patients should be in good health. Our BeautiFill™ fat transfer procedure can also be used to inject volume into other areas of the body besides the face.

Consultations Available Now

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How Does BeautiFill™ Work?

As we age, our skin loses its natural structure and we often notice a depletion of soft tissue volume in our face. And at the same time, we often end up with a little more volume in places where we do not want it! The procedure where fat is removed from an unwanted area, such as the lower abdomen or flanks, and re-injected into a different area needing volume is clinically known as Autologous Fat Transfer.

Until the debut of the BeautiFill™ system, fat transfer after liposuction was an inconsistent process, involving a time-consuming extraction process, with higher risk and more trauma. Fat cells were often damaged during the removal process, creating unpredictable fat viability and survival rates. It was very common to lose most of the fat in the first year. Although some patients experienced very positive outcomes, many more were unhappy due to over-fill, under-fill, or being left with fat in areas where they didn’t want it.  

The laser technology in BeautiFill™ gently heats the tissue that surrounds fat cells in the donor site (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, love handles), allowing more fat to be gently removed from the tissue. This groundbreaking process allows fat removal with very low levels of energy or pressure, preserving the integrity of the fat cells, producing very little trauma or bleeding. The process also removes the oil, blood or fibrous tissue from the harvested fat which dramatically improves the survival of the transferred fat. The cells harvested with BeautiFill™ are small, uniform, and have a high rate of viability, which has not been achieved with other systems.

What Results Will I See?*

In clinical studies, BeautiFill™ reports the highest average fat viability results — greater than 95%, which means better, more predictable fat transfer results for our patients. BeautiFill™ uses safe laser technology to gently remove unwanted fat cells from certain areas, and then those same fat cells are used to fill the areas where extra volume is needed, restoring balance.

Unlike traditional dermal fillers, you should not need ongoing treatment after your BeautiFill™ treatment. You can expect a lifelong improvement in your facial volume. 

Is There Any Downtime?*

While the downtime after a BeautiFill™ fat transfer procedure can be longer than off-the-shelf filler, the results can provide a more perpetual correction than temporary dermal fillers. For facial BeautiFill™ patients, bruising and swelling may occur for 24-48 hours after treatment, but most can resume normal activities the day following treatment.

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