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What Is a BeautiFill™ BBL?

An area of your body where aging and even genetics can negatively impact your skin is your buttocks. As you age, your posterior can end up losing volume and make you feel less confident about your body. A Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as a BBL, carried out at Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz in Kansas City, MO, can help you achieve your desired look and result in a more voluptuous backside.

Dr. Craig Schwartz, a triple board-certified surgeon and medical director of Premier Vein & Body, has performed numerous successful Brazilian Butt Lifts right in the comfort and convenience of his office.

Brazilian Butt Lift Kansas City

What is a BeautiFill™ BBL?

Traditional Brazilian Butt Lifts typically require days or even a couple of weeks of downtime and discomfort. However, there’s now a better, minimally-invasive BBL option for clients that uses the BeautiFill(™)  laser liposuction and fat transfer system to remove volume/fat from your own body to then inject into your buttocks for a rounder, fuller appearance. 

BeautiFill™ uses laser energy under the skin to gently loosen fat from the areas that are to be extracted for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Doing so makes it easier to extract the most high-quality fat cells for reimplantation.

The process begins with local anesthesia applied to the areas where the fat will be harvested. The anesthesia numbs those areas, providing minimal discomfort to the patient.

Next, Dr. Schwartz makes a tiny incision on the skin and inserts the BeautiFill™ wand, moving it back and forth inside the area to capture the fat cells. The BeautiFill™ device extracts the fat into an external canister during the process, where it gets immediately processed.

Once all the fat gets processed and the incision sites are sutured shut, Dr. Schwartz fills a syringe with the ready-to-use fat and injects it into the areas where you want to add more volume.

Benefits of a BeautiFill™ BBL

A minimally-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift is available for individuals that wish to augment their buttocks and have a more satisfactory posterior appearance. In a nutshell, a BeautiFill™ BBL involves sculpting the buttocks using fat harvested from other parts of the body. The benefits are two-fold, you are able to remove fat from problematic areas while adding volume to areas of the body you wish to enhance.

It’s a highly safe and healthy method of augmenting the buttocks since it doesn’t involve the implantation of foreign substances like silicone into the body. A BeautiFill™ BBL enables you to enhance your body proportions to meet your specific cosmetic goals. That makes it possible to enhance the curvature of your buttocks and sculpt the hips you desire.

Another benefit is how natural the results look. Traditional BBLs with silicone implants meant that some disproportion would occur if you lost or gained weight. A BeautiFill™ BBL from Dr. Craig Schwartz at Premier Vein & Body will always look natural because it is your own fat that is being used.

Consultations Available Now

To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at (913) 451-8346. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves patients throughout the Kansas City metro.

The BeautiFill™ Advantage

The primary benefit of BeautiFill™ for a Brazilian Butt Lift is the rate at which it extracts and processes fat from the harvest sites. It’s significantly faster than using mechanical liposuction, making the entire procedure quicker to complete. Another advantage of BeautiFill™ is how the fat cells harvested get processed with over 90% fat cell viability. That means Dr. Schwartz doesn’t have to extract more fat cells than are needed for the procedure.

The BeautiFill™ system is FDA-approved and is one of the safest systems to use for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Plus, all results are permanent and will always remain natural, whether you lose or gain weight after the procedure.

Finally, a BeautiFill™ BBL procedure boasts minimal downtime; you only need a day or two for recovery before you can return to work.

Am I a Candidate for a BeautiFill™ BBL?

You might be an ideal candidate for a BeautiFill™ BBL if you’re unhappy about the curvature of your backside, either due to genetics or the aging process. It might also be the ideal procedure for you if your self-confidence suffers as a result.


*Individual Results May Vary


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