Tixel® Acne Treatment

Achieve long-lasting clear skin with Tixel®, the future of acne treatment.

What is Tixel® for Acne Treatment?

If you struggle with acne, your treatment options have remained the same for decades. Now Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz offers Tixel® to treat mild to severe acne. This non-laser treatment targets the sebaceous glands that overproduce oil, decreasing their activity and resulting in less frequent, less severe breakouts after a single treatment. Tixel® is a significant advancement in acne treatment with no medications, blood lab tests or ongoing doctor appointments. 

How Does Tixel® for Acne Treatment Work?

Unlike many treatments, Tixel® uses thermal energy instead of light to achieve its results. This Thermal-Mechanical Action® uses tiny metal pyramids that make brief contact with the skin. They transfer thermal energy in the form of heat that creates tiny areas of controlled damage to the outer layers of the skin. 

These areas of damage trigger your skin’s healing responses, bringing healthy new cells to the surface.Tixel®  treats acne by deactivating the sebum glands that produce acne-causing oil. It also triggers collagen production that tightens pores to prevent clogging and rejuvenates the surface of the skin, eliminating dead skin cells that contribute to blocked pores and dullness.

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What is a Tixel® Acne Treatment Like? 

Tixel® is a customizable treatment, so the amount of heat and skin contact varies depending on your skincare needs. On the lightest settings, Tixel® may cause a feeling of heat and tingling, but many people do not need numbing. We will apply numbing cream for more intensive treatments. Treatment typically takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the areas of the face treated.

Am I a Good Candidate for Tixel® Acne Treatment?

Tixel® is an excellent option for most people with mild to severe acne. It treats all acne types, including cystic, hormonal, and inflammatory. Tixel® works safely on all skin types and tones. Good candidates want to try a medication-free way to achieve long-term acne relief. This revolutionary treatment makes acne relief available to almost anyone without the side effects of topical or oral treatments. Since Tixel® is not a laser, it can be used safely even for people who should not have laser treatments.

Is There Any Downtime With Tixel® Acne Treatment?

Depending on the intensity of your Tixel® treatment, you may experience minor redness, swelling, and sensitivity. Intensive treatments can result in light flaking or peeling. You can return to your usual activities, but avoid applying irritating products for several days. We will recommend skincare products targeted for your acne-prone skin to enhance the effectiveness of Tixel®.

What Results Will I See With Tixel®?

You may see results almost immediately after your first Tixel® treatment. Many people see an immediate reduction in oil and smoother, softer skin. Some people only need one treatment, while others may benefit from a follow-up treatment to deactivate more oil glands. 

Tixel® provides a decrease in the intensity and frequency of acne breakouts. As an added benefit, it rejuvenates the skin to smooth acne scars and erase post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You will have less acne after Tixel® treatment, and your skin will look noticeably brighter and clearer. 


*Individual Results May Vary

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