Venous Duplex Ultrasound

Do You Need a Venous Duplex Ultrasound?

Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz provides patients with the most thorough diagnosis and treatment of vein disease in the Kansas City area, including the use of diagnostic ultrasound testing performed by Dr. Craig Schwartz himself right in the comfort and convenience of his office. Varicose veins can be a serious health problem if left untreated.  Proper evaluation and diagnosis is necessary, including a complete evaluation that should include patient history, physical exam, as well as a venous duplex ultrasound test.  The test results are not only necessary in order for insurance providers to approve varicose vein treatment, but the results are also mandatory to determine the best course of treatment for each patient.

How Does a Venous Duplex Ultrasound Work?

Venous duplex ultrasound (also called a Doppler Ultrasound) uses sound waves to create images of your veins and measure the direction and speed with which your blood circulates. The body’s vascular system is a complex roadmap, and as with any complex system, if there are any health concerns, treatment may be not only recommended but crucial to your overall health and welfare. Venous duplex ultrasound is most commonly used to diagnose any underlying vein disease that may be causing painful varicose veins. It also assists Dr. Schwartz in mapping your venous system prior to treatment, picturizing the structure of blood vessels, veins and the movement of blood through them.

Am I a Good Candidate?

A venous duplex ultrasound is typically required if Dr. Schwartz has reason to suspect the patient’s varicose veins or symptoms are a result of underlying venous reflux or chronic venous insufficiency.  It’s a non-invasive test with no side effects.

Consultations Available Now

To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at (913) 451-8346. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves patients throughout the Kansas City metro.

How Long Does the Examination Take?

This is a non-invasive test that is conducted by Dr. Schwartz with the patient standing in the exam room.  Gel is applied to the leg to be scanned. The transducer is passed over your skin to direct the sound waves while the picture is recorded. The ultrasound takes between 20-30 minutes.

What Results Will I See?

Venous Duplex Ultrasound has evolved to become the primary diagnostic tool used to evaluate patients with venous insufficiency, as well as other venous issues, such as thrombosis or clotting, phlebitis, or venous malformations. Due to its accuracy and effectiveness, a comprehensive venous ultrasound is almost always covered by insurance as a preemptive means for diagnosing vein disease before it progresses to a more advanced stage.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime associated with venous duplex ultrasound testing.


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