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Do Spider Veins Make You Want to Cover Up?

Spider veins form when valves in the vessels stop working properly, allowing blood to pool and disfigure the vein structure. The tiniest of spider veins, often found on the face, legs, or chest, are often a hair’s width in size, which can make them difficult to treat with sclerotherapy or even topical laser treatment, which can be too much for the sensitive skin of the facial area. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz’s solution in treating these tiniest of spider veins is the state-of-the-art VeinGogh procedure.

How Does VeinGogh Work?

Some spider veins are too small for sclerotherapy. VeinGogh can go where sclerotherapy sometimes can’t with thermocoagulation heat. Dr. Craig Schwartz uses super-fine insulated needles to deliver just enough heat to force the vein walls to collapse. Because the needles are insulated, the surrounding skin is not affected. Lasers use light therapy (photocoagulation) to variably penetrate the skin to reach the vein, which can leave some areas less effectively treated than others. VeinGogh is a more precise, controlled treatment for the smallest of spider veins or clusters that have been incompletely treated with sclerotherapy or photocoagulation. Sclerotherapy is still the preferred treatment for larger, dysfunctional veins.

Am I a Good Candidate VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatment?

Adults in good general health with small, tangled spider veins, including those in delicate areas such as the nose, cheeks, and around the eyes, are the best candidates. Patients with epilepsy, bleeding disorders, pacemakers, or who are pregnant are not qualified for VeinGogh. Patients with varicose veins will most likely need an alternative treatment, like sclerotherapy or endovenous laser ablation.

How Long Does the VeinGogh Treatment Take?

Dr. Schwartz inserts the insulated needle right next to the spider vein, which isn’t painful enough to require numbing cream. Your treatment can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, and no bandages are necessary. Some patients may benefit from only one treatment, but in most cases, 2-3 treatments will produce the best outcomes.

Consultations Available Now

To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at
(913) 451-8346. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves patients throughout the Kansas City metro.

What Results Will I See After Spider Vein Treatment?

With VeinGogh, results are immediate as the spider veins collapse. Any redness or marks will fade in a few days. Once collapsed, the spider veins don’t return, although it’s possible for new ones to form.

Is There Any Downtime After VeinGogh Spider Veins Treatment?

With no downtime, VeinGogh is a convenient, fast, and effective procedure to remove spider veins. You may return to your normal schedule immediately.

Why Choose Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz?

Because we are the premier vein clinic in Kansas City, Dr. Schwartz is known as “Kansas City’s Vein Guy,” and no matter the state of your veins, we can help you achieve the best cosmetic and medical results.


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