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What to Do About Those Annoying Red Spider Veins on Your Legs, Face and Neck

Don’t be surprised if you’ve been told that a simple spider vein treatment may alleviate the issue for a while, only to have it come back a couple months later. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. I see patients all the time who come to my office after being treated for spider veins by another vein doctor. They’re frustrated and annoyed that their spider veins have either not been treated effectively (they’re still visible), or they’ve gone away… but then returned The answer to those questions is simple: those vein specialists weren’t treating the source of the problem.

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Consider a Damaged and Diseased Tree

If you’re going to try to eliminate the diseased tree, what do you do? Keep cutting off the branches? Maybe. That will solve some of the problem. The real problem however, is right underneath you: in the roots.

Truly Effective Spider Vein Treatments Attack the Source of the Problem

We see those spider veins close to the surface of our skin, and we think that’s the problem. They’re not. The reason we see those red veins popping up is due to the veins underneath them. These are called “reticular” veins, or “feeding” veins. You attack the surface topically, with a superficial laser, and also use sclerotherapy, which consistes of injections to get underneath and treat the source of the problem. This combination of technologies can benefit any vein patient to ensure that spider veins don’t start crawling back!

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Laser treatment and sclerotherapy remain the top standards in spider vein treatment, with only a few sessions necessary to completely remove those spider veins forever. You have a one-two punch here, where that diseased tree not only gets cut down, but the underlying roots get treated as well.


*Individual Results May Vary


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