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Treating a Serious Traffic Jam: Why It’s Important to Be Seen for Varicose Vein Treatment

If you’re suffering from tired, achy legs, swollen ankles or have “itchy veins”, it’s imperative that that you take your lunch hour and devote the time to getting your varicose veins treated immediately. Why? Because varicose veins are progressive, and if left untreated, may lead to the development of a disease called chronic venous insufficiency (vein disease), which can cause major complications. There’s a reason why medical insurance covers varicose veins!

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How Are Varicose Veins Treated?

Veins are responsible for transporting blood from the body back to heart, where it’s loaded with oxygen before being distributed to the rest of the body again. Leg veins have the toughest “transportation job” because they have to push the blood against the force of gravity in an uphill motion. To assist in this task, veins have one-way “stop” valves that prevent the blood from flowing backward. When the valves don’t work properly, it causes blood in the legs to pool, which causes the veins to dilate and swell.

In the old days, “vein stripping” was the way to alleviate the issue, requiring a patient to have major surgery, a general anesthetic and sometimes months of time off their feet recovering. Nowadays, with laser technology, we have the ability to manage the problem in a minimally invasive way through laser closure, or “laser ablation”, sealing the vein completely shut with the use of a tiny catheter.

Remember: you have thousands upon thousands of veins working in tandem with each other to deliver your blood to your heart. Losing one varicose vein segment may then reroute the bloodstream to all those other healthy veins that can carry on and do the job superbly. Just like closing down one blocked-off highway — other highways will keep traffic moving just fine.

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The Best Lunch Hour You’ll Ever Have (Well… Maybe!)

Treatment is fast and can take as little as 45 minutes — enough time for you to get your veins treated and grab a sandwich. Those varicose veins are a nuisance. If not treated immediately, they can become a health risk. I would suggest you book yourself in for a vein consult with us as soon as possible. Once I look at your legs, if I think there’s anything that needs further investigation — I’ll do an ultrasound on your leg to determine exactly what’s going on. All good vein specialists should be doing this as a minimum.

Who knows: you just might still have some time to grab lunch and get back to work. The benefit? You’ll no longer suffer from your legs itching and aching with cramps, and will no longer have those big bulging blue veins that make you want to avoid showing your legs. And that will all be due to clearing out that “traffic jam”.


*Individual Results May Vary


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