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If you find yourself gently pulling back skin on your face when looking into the mirror, wishing it would stay that way, you are not alone. Although there are some surgical procedures, such as the face lift or lower eyelid lift (lower blepharoplasty), that will produce drastic results, many patients prefer less invasive options that result in more natural, noticeable improvements without invasive surgery or days or weeks of downtime.

Skin Tightening Kansas City

What is Skin Tightening?

Due to a decrease in the production of collagen throughout the years, the visible effects of aging are, unfortunately, unavoidable, as collagen is important in maintaining skin elasticity and volume. As collagen levels drop, it’s common for skin to become less firm and evenly toned. Some patients will develop fine lines and wrinkles, while others see a decrease in tone and tightness, leading to looseness or laxity of the skin. While these changes affect skin over the entire body, they are most noticeable on the face around the eyes, neck and jawline. While we can’t stop the passing of time and aging process, it is possible to take proactive steps towards increasing collagen levels through a variety of minimally-invasive and even non-invasive skin tightening treatments.

Am I a Candidate for Skin Tightening?

Almost any adult can undergo skin tightening treatments. Ideal candidates have mild to moderate loose skin on the face or neck. Those who have a tremendous amount of loose skin – especially from recent weight loss or weight loss surgery – will still primarily require full surgical procedures to tighten up or eliminate excess skin. Patients who have undergone previous face lifts or surgical procedures on the face also find that these treatments help prolong the results while improving skin tone and elasticity.

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Which Skin Tightening and Lifting Treatments Are Offered?

At Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz, we offer a range of minimally-invasive to completely non-invasive skin tightening options that can take years off of your face without weeks of downtime!


Tixel® offers a solution for mild to moderate skin laxity. This revolutionary, non-invasive treatment uses tiny metal cones with high levels of heat instead of laser energy to create tiny areas of controlled damage. This process triggers collagen production that leaves skin tighter and smoother. Most patients require a series of three sessions to achieve their best cosmetic results.

Renuvion® Skin Tightening

Previously known as J-Plasma®, Renuvion® is the ultimate in skin tightening and body firming technology. This minimally-invasive procedure is a one-time treatment that provides dramatic results without the risks and recovery of more invasive surgery. Performed using local anesthesia, Renuvion® uses advances in cool plasma energy to provide rapid tissue contraction from underneath the skin, at the level where we want to see the tightening effect, without excising the extra skin. This treatment works well in combination with liposuction, and therefore is a popular “add-on” procedure for Dr. Craig Schwartz’s in-office liposuction patients to produce optimal fat removal and skin tightening results. 

Opus Plasma Skin Tightening and Resurfacing 

This non-invasive, first-of-its-kind fractionated plasma skin resurfacing technology takes micro-needling to the next level, combining radiofrequency energy and fractional plasma to improve the skin’s tone and texture with 15 minute treatments that require just minimal downtime. This treatment creates a pattern of tiny micro-channels to a fraction of the skin surface, while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged. These micro-abrasions stimulate the body’s natural healing response, leading the skin to repair itself, by jumpstarting production of new collagen and elastin, the building blocks of smooth, tight, youthful looking skin. Added benefits include noticeable improvements in both texture and pigmentation. Most patients opt for a series of three treatments to attain optimum results.


Sculpt® is a non-invasive skin-tightening treatment that also provides body sculpting and smooths cellulite. It works using 2.45 Gigahertz energy, a wavelength in the microwave range. Its unique applicator transmits 80% of the energy into the fat under the skin. The rest of the energy heats the deep layers of skin to trigger collagen development, tightening and firming your skin. A series of three treatments is typically required for optimal results.

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