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“*Now with each day I can feel the freedom of movement returning to my legs.*”

Before & After Varicose Veins
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Dr. Schwartz is a very professional vein treatment doctor, and his staff is professional, as well. Dr. Schwartz and his staff took the time to explain the procedure to me – I was told what to expect, what was to be done, and how long I could expect the recovery to take.

The experience was a good one, and I am very happy with the vein treatment provided by Dr. Schwartz’s office. I had suffered with my varicose veins for a very long time – at least 30 years! I spent my entire career either standing or walking on a concrete floor as a welder. I was always told I inherited my mother’s legs, so I never questioned the veins that bulged in my legs.

When asked by Dr. Schwartz before my treatment if my legs had ever felt heavy, I told him they had not. However, after the treatments I realized that yes, my legs had felt heavy. I had just felt that way for so long that I had forgotten how they were supposed to feel.

My legs no longer feel tired all of the time, and am already more active and back in my hobby shop building things. My bulging veins hurt to the touch before treatment – especially behind my knee joints. Now with each day I can feel the freedom of movement returning to my legs.

The most surprising thing about the vein treatment is how little time it took to do, and that I could walk out the door myself after each treatment. Another surprise was to learn that some of my veins were clotted to the point that they were like jelly inside.

I would recommend Dr. Schwartz and his in-office vein treatment to anyone who suffers with bulging varicose veins.

– R. Rowe

“*I Thank Dr. Schwartz For His Excellent Care And For Helping Me Feel 10 Years Younger!*”

“My legs felt heavy and painful for years, which I attributed to the natural aging process.  It really slowed me down.  Little did I know that my varicose veins were the main cause of my extremity discomfort and fatigue.  Now that the varicose veins have been removed, my legs no longer ache every day and every night and my energy level is incredible!  I thank Dr. Schwartz for his excellent care and for helping me to feel 10 years younger!

– Carla

“*I am happy beyond my highest expectations.*”

Dr. Schwartz and his entire team made my visits very comfortable. They work together as a great team and made me feel very relaxed. I am happy beyond my highest expectations. I delayed doing my varicose veins for many years and now wish I had not waited. The treatment was pain free and I was very comfortable, Dr. Schwartz answered all of my questions clearly and completely.

“*I love the staff, especially Kathy, and Dr. Schwartz is very nice and definitely professional.*”

I love the staff, especially Kathy, and Dr. Schwartz is very nice and definitely professional. I love how quick the treatment is. When Dr. Schwartz was working on the left leg I took a nice little nap! What was surprising was how quick it was and how little down time was required afterward. You can pretty much be back to your regular schedule after only one day.

– Jennifer

“*I am thrilled with the way my legs look!*”

“I am thrilled with the way my legs look! I’m actually looking forward to wearing shorts and skirts!”
– Hannah

“*Wonderful Professional Staff Who Really Care*”

“What a great place. Wonderful, professional staff who really care.  I only regret not having gone there sooner. I feel better about myself and appreciate all they did for me.”

– Kristine

“*Dr. Schwartz was very helpful in explain my options*”

“When I had a vein burst, Dr. Schwartz made every effort to see me that day.  He was very helpful in explaining to me and my husband what had happened and what my options were.  They were able to get me in for my procedure in good time. I was happy the procedure was not very painful, and that I could get back to most activities within a week.   All of the staff were friendly and professional. ”

– E. Pitts

“*My Results Are Fantastic..I Wish I Had Had Surgery Earlier!*”

“I am a patient of Dr. Schwartz’s. I had varicose vein surgery last fall and have been very pleased. I can feel confident putting on my shorts and swim suit now that my legs are varicose vein free. I also exercise on a regular basis and before I had pain in my leg. Now my legs look and feel great! My results are so fantastic I wish I had had the surgery earlier.  Thanks to all the staff at Dr. Schwartz’s office.”

– Ali W.

“*I Have Received The Best Care..Dr. Schwartz And His Staff Are Wonderful*”

“This vein clinic  lines up with it’s name – Premier. I have been living with varicose veins for 27 years. I have received the best care and have gotten the fastest results with this vein center. Dr Schwartz and his staff are wonderful.”

– D.S (age 42)

“*My Varicose Veins Are Completely Gone!*”

“Before the procedure I thought that my big, lumpy varicose veins would just be less noticeable, but now they are completely gone. I am so happy with the results and my legs look great. It’s been about 1 year since the procedure and I have no scars and of course no more lumpy veins.”

– Whitney K. (age 26)

“*My Experience With Dr. Schwartz Went Over and Beyond What I Could Have Expected … *”

“My experience with Dr. Schwartz and his staff went over and beyond what I could have expected. Not only were the results fantastic but the staff were extremely helpful and patient answering my many that I had before and after the procedure. The whole experience couldn’t have possibly gone any better than it did. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz and his staff to anyone considering a vein procedure. I now can wear skirts and shorts with confidence and I owe that to Dr. Schwartz. I am 100% happy with the results. Thank you so much!”

– Jennifer S.

“*I Feel So Much More Confident…*”

“I feel so much more confident to wear shorts. I love the results.”

– Jenny M. (age 29)

“*My Recovery Time Was Almost Immediate …*”

“I was very pleased with every aspect of my care. I have had varicose veins for many years and had pain and heaviness in my legs which limited one of my favorite hobbies which is gardening. I found Dr. Schwartz’s ad in the yellow pages and his credentials impressed me so I made an appointment. The rest, as you say, is history. The surgery was minimally invasive and my recovery time was almost immediate. I would certainly encourage anyone who dealt with varicose veins for a long time to pursue this treatment.”

– Laura W. – Registered Nurse (age 56)

“*I Have No Pain At All Which Is A Total Blessing*”

“Recently I received treatment for my varicose veins. I felt that you did a wonderful job of explaining what procedures would be done to solve the problem. The end results are excellent. I have no pain at all which is a total blessing. You and your staff were very good to me and I would highly recommend you to anyone who had varicose vein problems. Also there was little or no pain during your procedure. You are truly a professional in your field. Thank you for solving my problem.”

– Linda I.

“*My Experience Was Wonderful!*”

“My experience with Dr. Schwartz was wonderful. I have been a patient for years and have enjoyed my visits and care from the staff too.

– B. Lallard

“*Great Results!*”

“I had a wonderful experience with great results!”

– G. Star

“*Dr. Schwartz Does Excellent Work!*”

“Dr. Schwartz does excellent work and is a great personality to work with.”

– Jamie

“*My Visit Was Wonderful, As Usual!*”

“My visit was wonderful, as usual. This was my 3rd visit and am very satisfied with my results so far.”

– R. Patterson

“*The End Result Was Excellent!*”

“Recently, I received treatment for my varicose veins. Dr. Schwartz did a wonderful job of explaining what procedures would be done to solve the problem. The end results were excellent. Thank you!”

– Linda

*Results may vary on different patients

Written feedback provided by some patients of Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz after treatment.