SkinTyte™ for Skin Firming

As we age, sagging develops in the jowls and neck area, as well as in our mid-sections, particularly after pregnancies or weight loss. SkinTyte™ is a fast and effective laser therapy to firm aging skin and activate new collagen growth. Our skin is one of our most prominent features, and SkinTyte can help reduce the signs of aging skin through tightening.

*Photo courtesy of Sciton Lasers

How Does SkinTyte™ Work?

SkinTyte™ utilizes pulsed light technology to heat your skin, while cooling and protecting the entire treated surface. SkinTyte™ light energy delivers a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses, which are repeated over the desired area to ensure best results. Using infrared energy, the dermal collagen is deeply heated, promoting partial denaturation and contraction of the collagen. The heat also initiates the body’s natural healing process, creating a renewed collagen foundation, leading increased firmness and elasticity.

Treatment time varies based on the treatment area, but generally runs about thirty minutes. Most patients receive two to five treatments, at two to four week intervals, to achieve maximum skin firming results.* As with any topical laser treatment, it is important that patients avoid sun exposure two to four weeks prior to your scheduled session.

A topical anesthetic may be used, unless treating a very sensitive area, and protective eye wear is worn throughout the procedure.

Benefits of SkinTyte™

SkinTyte™ can help improve sagging skin in the following areas:

  • Lower Face, Jowls and Neck
  • Chest
  • Back of Hands
  • Upper Arms
  • Tummy
  • Above the Knees

Who are the Best Candidates for SkinTyte™?

People who struggle with sagging or loose skin are candidate for SkinTyte™. Many of our SkinTyte™ patients are former body or neck liposuction patients who love their new contours, but dislike the residual saggy, “hanging” skin.

SkinTyte™ Recovery & Results

Although results vary from patient to patient, noticeable firmness is generally present within the first month post-treatment. Longer-lasting firmness in skin texture develops gradually, taking about four months to become fully visible. The collagen foundation of your skin continues to rebuild and strengthen for months afterward.*

Why Choose Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz?

When you choose Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz for your procedure, you’ll be working alongside our physician to create a customized plan for facial rejuvenation. We offer a full spectrum of procedures to address wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, melisma, rosacea, scarring, double chin & more! We also offer both ablative and non-ablative laser treatments to address the smaller or largest skin needs. If downtime is a concern, our newest offering, the PicoSure Focus Laser treats many of the same symptoms with little pain and no downtime. Call us for your consultation today!

To learn more about SkinTyte, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at (913) 451-8346 . Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves Kansas CityLeawoodand Overland Park. 

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with Dr. Schwartz to see if you are a good candidate.