Dr. Schwartz’s Philosophy

My father was a physician – a general surgeon who was one of the early breast augmentation surgeons. I used to go with him on house calls to visit his patients but, while I was amazed with his work, he wasn’t the sole reason I chose medicine as a profession. I was led into the field of medicine by a love of science, and a fascination with the amazing design of the human body. Those motivators are still alive and well in how I practice medicine today. I believe that each patient I encounter is important and deserves high-quality, individualized care.

I enjoy getting to know my patients, so I try to allow plenty of time to listen, to find out what your goals are and to work together with you to design a treatment plan that best meets those goals. In some cases, that is simply reassurance or education in lifestyle changes you can make. In other cases, it involves a personalized treatment plan with a variety of procedures tailored to you specifically, to get you the best results possible. While some vein clinics may try to maximize profits by getting you to sign up for as many procedures as possible, I’ve committed myself to making my patients’ health and comfort my main priority. I won’t ever recommend a procedure that I don’t believe is in your best interest, and I will personally work with you, from the start of your evaluation to the end of your treatment, to make sure your needs are met.

I confess I am a perfectionist and I can’t stand being mediocre at anything I do. If I take a class, I want an “A”. If I play a game, I want to win. That same drive impacts every encounter I have with my patients. Instead of grades or trophies, however, my prize is my patients’ health and satisfaction. For the last twenty years I’ve been at the forefront of treating vein disease, which is an exciting and rapidly evolving field of medicine. At Premier Vein & Body we use the latest technology that’s proven, rather than jumping on the latest new fad before it’s been tested. Some vein clinics buy expensive equipment because it looks fancy or sounds good in advertisements. Unfortunately, this can also create a high-pressure sales environment, as they have to sell a substantial number of procedures in order to pay for the equipment! I refuse to do this in my practice, and only use technology that provides a significant benefit to my patients.

If you’re experiencing problems related to your veins, please call my office and I’d be happy to talk with you during a free initial consult, to put your mind at ease and explain your best options. In some instances you may not even need treatment at all – just a simple change in lifestyle. Either way, it would be my privilege to help.