Non-Surgical Precision Body Contouring™

Non-Invasive Body Contouring – No Needles, Little to No Downtime, No Surgery, No Kidding!*

What is Precision Body Contouring™?

Precision Body Contouring is a safe and effective body shaping option for patients who do not want a minimally-invasive surgical procedure, but want to smooth, firm and shape troublesome, diet and exercise-resistant problem areas. Precision Body Contouring provides the most effective way to trim small, localized amounts of fat from trouble areas.

All before and after photo results vary and are not guaranteed.

These non-invasive procedures usually require a variable series of treatments (typically between 3 and 6), with results progressing over time. We offer a full range of state-of-the-art technologies to help contour your body without surgery and little to no downtime:*


What Are the Best Body Areas for Precision Body Contouring?

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks or Love Handles
  • Outer Thighs


Why Choose Dr. Schwartz For Non-Invasive Body Contouring?

Precision Body Contouring™ by Dr. SchwartzSince 2003, Dr. Craig Schwartz has concentrated his expertise on the minimally or non-invasive treatment of vein disease, as well as the ever-expanding area of aesthetic medicine – specifically fat reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction.

Always committed to providing the best possible minimally invasive fat reduction and body contouring treatments for his patients, Dr. Schwartz was one of the first surgeons in the Kansas City metro area to embrace non-invasive body contouring at a time when the technology was brand new and many surgeons and physicians were still skeptical.

The increase in the popularity of non-invasive aesthetic procedures has brought out a plethora of untrained, uncertified practitioners offering body contouring solutions at day spas and salons, and all manner of doctor’s offices, including radiology, ob-gyn, dermatology, and, even, family-practice offices.

Dr. Schwartz takes the mystery out of fat reduction and body contouring options and presents you with a plan that best fits your body type and goals, using the best possible body contouring technology, or, possibly, a combination of complimentary procedures. Many doctors sell you whatever type of procedures they happen to offer. Dr. Schwartz provides his patients with a full range of options, as no two bodies are the same, and you can trust that all have proven to be effective with high patient satisfaction.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Precision Body Contouring™?

Precision Body Contouring is ideal for the average person within, or close to, their ideal body weight who wants to target specific, localized areas of excess fat with little to no downtime, scars, pain, or excessive costs associated with surgical procedures. Precision Body Contouring will help you and your clothing to look and feel better. Assuming you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, the weight should not return or migrate to other parts of your body. Should you experience weight gain or loss, it should be evenly distributed over your entire body.*

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with Dr. Schwartz to see if you are a good candidate.