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Weight Loss and Varicose Veins

Along with heredity, pregnancy and occupations or activities requiring long periods of standing or sitting, being overweight can be a contributing factor to the development of vein disease in your legs. My patients often want to know how weight loss will affect their varicose veins.  As you lose weight, your overall health will improve, and your legs may feel improved. However, if you have abnormal function of the valves of the veins leading to varicose veins, weight loss alone will not resolve this medical issue and likely will not alleviate all symptoms.  In this case, even with weight loss, a patient would remain a good candidate for varicose vein treatment. In fact, as one loses weight, there is often less room or tissue for the veins to “hide” in, and the varicosities will often become more apparent, or seem larger.

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Dr. Craig Schwartz

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*Individual Results May Vary


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