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Everything You Need to Know About In-Office Liposuction

If you are considering Liposuction, you are not alone! More than 250,000 patients opted for this popular treatment last year, which was a 5% increase over 2017. With today’s advances in technology, liposuction isn’t as painful, expensive, or time consuming as it was in years past, when patients’ only option was hospital or surgery center-based liposuction, typically performed under general anesthesia. There has also been a renewed focus on the fat reduction area of the healthcare industry as so many non-invasive options have been introduced to the market. However, liposuction is often way more effective than the non-invasive procedures (CoolSculptingSculpSure, etc.), and the results are noticeable in weeks instead of months!

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*Individual Results May Vary

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The Lipo Consultation

Our triple-board certified surgeon, Dr. Craig Schwartz, offers liposuction consultations in our Leawood, KS practice. The most important foundation of a great consultation is for Dr. Schwartz to fully understand the patient’s fat reduction goals so that he can evaluate whether that goal is achievable, and what will be required to reach it. Dr. Schwartz also assesses the elasticity of the patient’s skin, because, even though the Tickle Lipo procedure offered by Dr. Schwartz does provide some skin tightening along with fat removal, there is only so much liposuction can do about loose skin. Dr. Schwartz takes the mystery out of fat reduction and liposuction options and presents you with a plan that best fits your body type and goals, using the best possible Lipo technology, or, potentially, a combination of complementary procedures. Many doctors sell you whichever type of liposuction procedure that they happen to offer (Tickle Lipo, Pro Lipo, Smart Lipo, Vaser etc.). Dr. Schwartz offers several different types of liposuction and provides his patients with a full range of options, as no two bodies are the same, and you can trust that all have proven to be effective with high patient satisfaction.

The Ideal Candidate for Lipo

Although any patient that is in good health and has areas of unwanted fat is a potential candidate for liposuction, it must be noted that liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy diet and ongoing exercise program. Patients with the best results are typically within a few pounds of their ideal body weight and simply have smaller “problem areas” that don’t respond well to diet and exercise. However, with the latest advancements that Dr. Schwartz’s preferred method of liposuction, vibration-assisted Lipo (Tickle Lipo) provides, heavier candidates that previously didn’t qualify for outpatient Lipo procedures can now have larger volumes of fat reduced, without the overnight hospital stays and traumatic recovery associated with the more traditional, hospital-based liposuction. Dr. Schwartz has performed Tickle Lipo on patients who were up to 150 pounds overweight – but had specific bothersome pockets of fat treated.

Areas to be Treated by Liposuction

The most effectively treated areas are the tummy, flanks and outer thighs, but we also see great results with “bra rolls”, “muffin tops”, inner thighs, knees, neck and chin, and “bat wings” under the arm. Although it represents a technically more difficult area, even the calves can obtain great results. Unlike many liposuction procedures that are performed using larger cannulas, Tickle Lipo’s technology and finesse allows Dr. Schwartz to provide precise body sculpting in patients with small, localized fatty deposits resistant to diet and exercise in fine, delicate areas previously thought not appropriate for Lipo, such as the chin and knees.

Preparing for Liposuction

Although liposuction has evolved into a routine outpatient procedure, it is still surgery, and requires moderate preparation for a smooth, quick recovery. Smoking should be avoided for a month prior, and alcohol should be avoided for a week prior. Products with blood-thinning impacts, such as aspirin, vitamin E, Advil, Motrin and Aleve should be avoided for two weeks before the procedure. It’s also important to maintain your lifestyle and not gain/lose weight prior to treatment. Much of the final results depends on the form of sculpting used by Dr. Schwartz, which means that he formulates your custom liposuction plan at the time of your consultation, so it is not wise to rapidly gain/lose weight, as it could impact results.

Consultations Available Now

To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at (913) 451-8346. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves patients throughout the Kansas City metro.

The Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure and is performed under local anesthesia known as tumescent, right in the sterile surgery room at our office. Although using tumescent anesthesia may limit the ability to remove vast amounts of fat at one time, it does provide for a safer procedure with a faster recovery time. Prior to surgery the area to be treated is sterilized and the patient is covered in  surgical towels or drapes. The tumescent anesthesia is injected into the area to be liposuctioned, and then two or more tiny incisions (typically 2-3 millimeters in size) are made as the place of entry for the cannula (long, thin tube that is used to remove the fat).  The incisions are so small that stiches are not needed. Tickle Lipo is generally a comfortable procedure, with most patients feeling no more than a “tickle” sensation. After the procedure, patients are immediately put into a compression garment, which feels like a medical grade “Spanx”, and assists in reducing the swelling as quickly as possible.

Liposuction Recovery and Results

Although there may be post-procedure swelling, most patients see the majority of their ultimate liposuction results within one to three months after surgery, although final results can take up to six months. Once the fat is excavated in the treated area it should not return or migrate to other parts of the body, provided the patient maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you experience weight gain or loss, it should be evenly distributed over your entire body, but fat accumulation in a previously treated area is typically less proportionate than in untreated areas. Tickle Lipo patients also report that the skin in the treated area feels tighter and firmer.

Patients may experience mild redness, tenderness, swelling or tissue firmness in the treated areas, which may last up to several weeks. Generally, all that is needed to relieve tenderness is acetaminophen or mild anti-inflammatories, such as Ibuprofen. Using a cold compress early on, followed by hot compresses later, may also be beneficial. Gently massaging the area twice a day for five to ten minutes  is extremely important, and will definitely help to enhance your results. Some bruising may be possible, but will resolve fairly quickly. Normal daily activity, including exercise, may be resumed immediately post-treatment, or as soon as one feels comfortable. Actually, light physical activity, along with proper hydration, will help mobilize fat via the lymphatic system and help to improve your results

Cost of Liposuction

The cost of in-office liposuction performed under local anesthesia is fairly consistent across the board and is more affected by the area size and volume of fat to be removed, than by the energy source or brand name being used. Patients can generally expect to pay between $3,000 – $7,000 for fat reduction in the most popular areas treated. The tiniest of areas/fat volume, such as the chin, knees or arms, will generally cost somewhat less. Patients receiving traditional liposuction in a hospital or surgery center setting under general anesthesia should expect to pay quite a bit more than this range.


*Individual Results May Vary


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