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How Much Does Spider Vein Treatment Cost?

Unlike Varicose Veins, which are caused by an underlying issue and, therefore, treatment is considered medically necessary and almost universally covered by insurance; Spider Veins are cosmetic in nature and not covered by insurance. Spider Veins are groupings of tiny, threadlike dilated veins that appear close to the surface of the skin and look like spider webs or thin tree branches. Usually red or blue, they can develop anywhere, but are most commonly found on the legs and face.

With no fewer than 15 medical practitioners in the general Kansas City area providing Spider Vein treatment, patients will find there is a wide variance in treatment costs, depending on location and each physician’s background, training and experience. With sclerotherapy treatment available in many dermatology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery and, even, primary care physicians’ offices, not to mention the glut of med-spas, treatment costs are also influenced by size of area and number of veins being treated, as well as the type of treatment being recommended (sclerotherapy, topical laser or a combination). There are many ways to treat spider veins, but most important is to identify the underlying cause of the spider veins to prevent recurrence, what we refer to as the “feeding” vein, or reticular vein. Once the source is found, treatment will begin and will take on average 3-5 sessions, spaced about 4-6 weeks apart, to clear your spider veins permanently. However, some people are genetically pre-disposed to developing spider veins, so it is possible to develop new ones throughout the aging process.

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It’s important to understand that spider veins are caused by increased pressure in the veins, which are part of the body’s vascular system. A vascular surgeon specializing in vein treatment is going to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment available. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz, located in Leawood, KS, offers free vein screenings where Dr. Craig Schwartz will provide a visual exam and review of patient’s medical history. During this free vein screening, he will be able to review what is involved in treatment and advise how many treatment sessions each patient will need, on a case by case basis. The first spider vein treatment is generally an extended session, where Dr. Schwartz will spend 40-45 minutes to ensure we get a good base treatment and cover as much ground with your veins as possible. Depending on the number of recommended treatments, the spider vein patient will return for additional shorter sclerotherapy sessions, approximately 20-25 minutes in length, which will cost less than the initial extended treatment session.

Dr. Craig Schwartz is a triple board-certified Vascular Surgeon, with additional training in vein disease testing and diagnostics, making him one of Kansas City’s most qualified vein specialists. Dedicated to in-office treatment of varicose and spider veins in Kansas City since 2003, Dr. Schwartz is one of the most experienced vein treatment specialists you will find in both Kansas and Missouri.

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To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at (913) 451-8346. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves patients throughout the Kansas City metro.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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