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Check to See If You Really Have Spider Veins

Perhaps you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about those unsightly veins on your legs. Are they varicose veins, or are they spider veins? To explain it in the simplest terms possible, varicose veins are those blue-ish, purpleish veins that are dilated and bulging, and appear almost “rope-like” under the surface of your skin. Spider veins, on the other hand, are typically red and not bumpy at all. In this post, I’d like to talk about what spider veins are and the best spider vein treatment.

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What to Consider When Looking for Spider Veins

Many women, and some men as well, maybe familiar with “spider veins”. Typically, they’re tiny red, bluish or purplish “webs” on your legs, signifying an array of veins underneath your skin that really can look like spider webs.

You may feel some aches and pains, maybe even some itching or burning. Spider veins are dilated capillary veins that have become bloated due to congestion and are now visible underneath your skin. They’re easily treated with a combination of superficial laser and sclerotherapy, a procedure involving an injection of a special highly concentrated chemical solution designed to eliminate the spider veins completely.

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Bear In Mind This Important Fact about Spider Vein Treatment, Though…

Spider veins are largely a cosmetic issue, not a medical one, the reason being that there are rarely major problems to worry about regarding spider veins. They’re usually harmless.

You will then find that most insurance won’t cover procedures to remove spider veins, but for anyone shy about showing their legs off in shorts or a bathing suit, it just might be worth the investment. Treatment can take several months — which is why, if you’re wanting to look great for summer — it would be a great idea to call our office today to schedule your vein consultation with me.


*Individual Results May Vary


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