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Causes and Treatment for Spider Veins

The season has heated up and, no doubt, many people are trying to look good while trying not to draw attention to their pesky spider veins. If properly diagnosed and treated, spider veins can be treated very effectively, with better and longer-lasting results than ever before.

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Are Spider Veins Preventable?
Unfortunately, most spider veins are hereditary or genetic, but there are a few things that can make them worse:

• Prolonged standing
• Prolonged sitting
• Pregnancy
• Trauma
• Hormonal Influences
• Obesity

In addition, if a patient happens to have an underlying medical problem, such as venous reflux or insufficiency, they will often notice an increased appearance of visible vein problems. While it is difficult to prevent spider veins, they can be easily treated and controlled with in-office treatment.

Individuals whose lifestyle/jobs require that they either stand or sit for prolonged periods of time each day should take extra precaution to elevate their legs intermittently throughout the day or, at least, at the very end of the day. In addition, small bursts of exercise, such as walking, flexing the calves, toe lifts or rotation of the ankles can help by increasing the flow of blood to your calf muscles, feet and surrounding veins. The wearing of prescription-grade compression stockings or socks, available at vein treatment medical practices, should be a prime consideration.

Causes of Spider Veins:
Sure, you can help alleviate the symptoms of spider veins by enlisting the above suggestions, but genetics is the most important factor in the development of spider veins. Millions of women work on their feet or sit at desk jobs, but they do not develop spider veins; millions of women get pregnant and do not develop spider veins. It is the interplay of genetics, environment and how you care for yourself that dictates whether or not you develop spider veins, at what rate, and what age they appear. It is estimated that approximately 60 percent of people who have spider veins inherit them from their mother’s side.

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Is Spider Vein Treatment Permanent?
Many of our patients at Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz want to know if their spider veins will “come back”. If you receive a series of treatments (average patients can take 4-6) you should see permanent results in those treated veins. However, most people are genetically pre-disposed to vein problems, so it is possible to develop new spider/varicose veins as one continues to age.
That said, most people have had veins developing for many years before they seek initial treatment and, once treated, do not wait that amount of time again before seeking future treatments. Typically, spider vein treatment results show 70-80% clearing following a series of treatments.

In-Office Spider Vein Treatment
At Premier Vein and Body, we believe that spider veins are best treated with a combination of sclerotherapy injections and superficial, or topical, laser therapy for the quickest, most thorough resolution. Be cautious of any physician who claims they can all be thoroughly eliminated via only sclerotherapy injections or only topical laser. Optimum long-term results are achieved through combining both treatment modalities. It is important to remember that spider vein treatment is a process, generally requiring multiple sessions over several months, and that they will likely look worse before they look better. At Premier Vein and Body, we provide our vein patients with the most complete spider vein treatment available in the Kansas City area, which is all performed in the comfort , convenience and privacy of our beautiful Leawood office.


*Individual Results May Vary


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