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Age Irrelevant with Vein Disease

Though the typical age range for developing vein disease for most patients is from 35-0, there is certainly no limit to the age that a patient may develop varicose veins/vein disease. I’ve recently treated Kansas City vein patients as young as 17, and as old as 95. In younger patients, heredity and trauma typically play the major roles, but then many other factors contribute to the development of vein disease as you continue to age (childbirth, hormones, obesity, jobs requiring prolonged periods of sitting or standing).

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Once the presence of vein disease is identified, it should be treated, as it never goes away, resolves, or gets better on its own. It only gets worse over time, or, at best, stays the same. There simply is no good reason to wait, and let venous disease progress, potentially developing significant complications, when in-office diagnosis and treatment is readily available to provide comprehensive and timely results in a rapid, safe, minimally invasive fashion.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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