Achieve long-lasting clear skin with AviClear™, the future of acne treatment.

What is AviClear™?

If you struggle with acne, your treatment options have remained the same for decades. Now the FDA has approved AviClear™ to treat mild to severe acne. This laser treatment targets the sebaceous glands that overproduce oil, decreasing their activity, resulting in less frequent, less severe breakouts after a series of just three treatments. AviClear™ is a significant advancement in acne treatment with no medications, blood lab tests or ongoing doctor appointments.

How Does AviClear™ Work?

Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz offers AviClear™ to treat the underlying cause of acne: the overproduction of oil by your sebaceous glands. This excess oil can combine with dead skin cells and debris to clog pores. It also provides a haven for bacteria that cause inflammation. 

AviClear™ uses a 1720nm laser that targets sebaceous glands without affecting the surrounding skin. This wavelength bypasses skin cells and transfers heat to the sebaceous glands, damaging the glands and reducing their oil production. As a result, acne dramatically decreases, letting you feel more confident and reducing your risk of acne scars. The manufacturer reports that 90% of patients see a reduction in acne, and 87% see their acne reduced by 50% or more. 

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What is an AviClear™ Treatment Like?

You can fit AviClear™ into even the busiest schedule with fast, convenient sessions. AviClear™ treatments usually take about 30 minutes. Because the system uses a sapphire cooling function to keep your skin comfortable, the skin maintains a safe temperature throughout treatment. You may feel tingling, warmth, or the feeling of a rubber band snapping on the skin. You will not need numbing, and most people report tolerable treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for AviClear™?

AviClear™ is an excellent option for most people with mild to severe acne. It treats all acne types, including cystic, hormonal, and inflammatory. AviClear™ works safely on all skin types and tones, even very sensitive skin. Good candidates want to try a medication-free way to achieve long-term acne relief. This revolutionary treatment makes acne relief available to almost anyone without the side effects of topical or oral treatments. 

Is There Any Downtime With AviClear™?

Because AviClear™ causes no damage to the skin, you can resume all your usual activities immediately. AviClear™ has no downtime, although you must wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure. Any redness or sensitivity will fade within a few hours. 

What Results Will I See With AviClear™?

You will usually need more than one treatment to see full AviClear™ results. A standard AviClear™ treatment requires a series of three 30-minute sessions. We space these sessions one month apart. Most people see results develop over about three months, and most patients report being satisfied with them six months later. Occasional maintenance treatments in the future will keep sebaceous glands and acne under control. 

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