Cellulite Treatments

Smoother Skin Is On the Way!

Do your legs or buttocks have tiny dimples that make your skin look uneven? You may be struggling with cellulite, a common occurrence for men and women. Thankfully, Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz offers a variety of cellulite reduction treatments that can help reduce its appearance and leave your skin looking smooth and contoured. 

What is Cellulite Reduction?

Cellulite, which creates a puckering effect of cellulite dimples on areas such as the butt, thighs, and stomach, does not discriminate based on side or weight. Although many try to diet or exercise it away, cellulite is a structural problem below the skin. Aging, hormones, genetics, and dramatic weight changes can all wreak havoc with cellulite, causing connective tissue bands under the skin to stiffen, and the fat cells they surround to become larger and push up to the skin – thus creating the “cottage cheese” appearance of cellulite. It’s estimated that up to 90 percent of all women have cellulite, and its development is often out of your control.

There are a lot of devices and potions that claim to make your cellulite disappear. But because cellulite happens to the skin on a deeper level, it’s extremely tough to treat. Our approach to cellulite treatment tackles the condition from both the inside and outside to tighten and firm your skin, which will visibly reduce and improve the appearance of cellulite without surgery and days of downtime!

Am I a Candidate?

Patients who have pronounced cellulite dimples anywhere on their body are candidates. Cellulite is most commonly found on the thighs and buttocks, but can also form on the breasts, lower abdomen or upper arms

What Treatments are Available to Reduce Cellulite?

Treatment offerings available at Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz include:

Venus Freeze®: Venus Freeze® is a non-surgical body contouring and cellulite treatment. Along with treating the arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, Venus Freeze® differentiates itself from our other non-invasive body contouring treatments in that it’s also effective for tightening and toning the face and neck!

Renuvion: RENUVION, also known as J-Plasma®, is the ultimate in skin tightening and body firming technology providing dramatic results with lower risks and recovery time of more invasive surgery.

Resolution Cellulite: Resolution Cellulite is a medical-grade, 2-step topical cellulite reduction program, only available through physicians’ offices.

Consultations Available Now

To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Schwartz by filling out the form on this page or by calling his practice at
(913) 451-8346. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz serves patients throughout the Kansas City metro.

What Results Will I See?*

Results will vary depending on the treatment, but most patients can expect to see a notable improvement in cellulite dimples. Your providers will work with you to determine how many treatments are needed to achieve your ideal results. 

Is There Any Downtime?*

Since most of the cellulite treatments at Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz are non-surgical, there is little to no downtime associated with cellulite reduction.

Why Choose Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz?

Even the healthiest women often find it difficult to avoid cellulite. The good news is that treatment is available and can help its appearance. Premier Vein & Body’s Cellulite Treatment is a good fit if you are interested in improving the look and appearance of cellulite that does not respond well to traditional diet and exercise. Venus Freeze does not have the ability to reduce a large volume of fat but is FDA-approved to tighten skin, reduce circumference, and treat cellulite. RENUVION is a minimally-invasive procedure to help you achieve a sculpted, firm body with less expense, downtime, and discomfort than traditional excisional plastic surgery procedures. Delivering heat to tissue in a way that was never before possible, RENUVION utilizes technological advances in cool plasma energy to provide rapid tissue contraction, improving the appearance of cellulite. Many patients often choose to undergo minimally-invasive liposuction in conjunction with cellulite treatment for optimal body contouring and skin tightening results!


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