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Results may vary on different patients.

The New Shape of Body Contouring

  • FDA-Approved
  • No Surgery or Scars
  • No Anesthesia
  • No Suction
  • Little to No Downtime or Pain*
  • Effective on All Skin Types
  • Can Treat Multiple Areas at Once

The SculpSure® Breakthrough Advantage*

SculpSure® is the brand new, laser body contouring system to reduce fat in stubborn areas such as the abdomen and love handles, without surgery and little to no downtime.*

Fits Your Busy Lifestyle

Body Contouring Before and After Photos
All before and after photo results vary and are not guaranteed.

SculpSure® is a breakthrough development in the area of body contouring, as other comparable options take a minimum of one hour for each treatment area. SculpSure® is the first and only FDA-approved non-surgical laser body contouring device to reduce stubborn fat in diet and exercise-resistant areas.*

Flexible and Versatile Applicator System Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

Because the SculpSure® system has four applicators, multiple body areas can be treated within the same session, depending on the patient’s body contouring goals. For example, other options require an hour for each flank, as the machines have just one applicator. With SculpSure®, we are able to reduce fat on both flanks in one short procedure.*

Is SculpSure® Painful?

Unlike other non-invasive body contouring procedures that involve the freezing of fat, there is no suction component involved, which means there is no damage to the surrounding tissue. Most patients describe the procedure as “wearing a heating pad” on the area being treated.* The SculpSure® device is made with “Contact Cooling™” technology for maximum patient comfort.

How Does SculpSure® Work?

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Results may vary on different patients.

SculpSure® utilizes controlled, light-based technology (laser) to precisely target and break up stubborn fat cells under the skin. During treatment, you will experience cooling with intervals of deep warmth, resulting in an intermittent tingling sensation. Contact cooling is on throughout the entire treatment, keeping the surface of your skin comfortably cool. After a few minutes, you will start to feel warmth, which will build to a period of deep heating, which shocks the fat cells, causing them to decay over the course of the next few weeks. This deep heating sensation lets you know that the treatment is targeting your fat cells!*

Who Are the Best Candidates for SculpSure®?

SculpSure® is the ideal non-invasive body contouring treatment for people with trouble spots that seem resistant to diet and exercise. While it can be performed for larger volume areas by doing multiple treatments over time, it is ideal for the average person within, or close to, their ideal body weight who wants to target specific, localized areas of excess fat with little to no downtime, scars, pain or excessive costs associated with surgical procedures. But just like our other body contouring procedures, SculpSure® is not a weight loss solution, but it will help you and your clothing to look and feel better.*

SculpSure® Results

The SculpSure® procedure safely delivers precisely controlled waves of heating and cooling to gently and effectively reduce the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells die and are, over time, naturally absorbed and removed from the body, helping you achieve a slimmer appearance without surgery or downtime. Results may be noticeable within six to eight weeks for patients of all skin and body types. Optimal results may be seen, generally, within twelve weeks, although, depending on the size and bulk of fat present, some patients may require a series of two to four treatments to achieve their fully desired results.* Assuming you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, the weight should not return or migrate to other parts of your body. If you experience weight gain or loss, it should be evenly distributed over your entire body. SculpSure® patients also report that the skin in the treated area feels tighter and firmer, for an added bonus!*

SculpSure® is considered to be comfortable and well tolerated, with most patients feeling no more than a warming sensation*. You may experience mild redness, tenderness, swelling or tissue firmness in the treated areas, which may last up to two weeks. Generally, all that is needed to relieve tenderness is a cold compress and/or acetaminophen. Gently massaging the area twice a day for five to ten minutes may enhance your results. Normal daily activity, including exercise, may be resumed immediately post-treatment. Actually, light physical activity, along with proper hydration, will help mobilize fat via the lymphatic system and improve your results.*

It’s finally time to be SURE about your non-invasive fat technology!

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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with Dr. Schwartz to see if you are a good candidate.