CoolSculpting® Certified Practice

It’s not what you lose – it’s what you gain. CoolSculpting® is an in-office body contouring procedure to treat stubborn, diet and exercise-resistant fat. It’s FDA-cleared and clinically proven to deliver results with little to no downtime or surgery.* Developed by scientists at Harvard University, CoolSculpting® is one of our most popular procedures, and it revolutionized non-invasive body contouring. It was the first clinically-proven, non-surgical alternative to lipo, and it reduces fat and sculpts the body without any needles, incisions, anesthetic or cannulas.* Dr. Schwartz was one of the first doctors in the Kansas City metro area to offer CoolSculpting®. Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz is a CoolSculpting® Certified Practice.

CoolSculpting® is not a weight-loss program, but it does help to contour and re-shape targeted problem areas. Call today to schedule your free consultation!

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting® combines the science of cryolipolysis with advanced proprietary engineering, to, essentially, “freeze the fat.” Its advanced cooling technology selectively targets fat and aids the body’s ability to metabolize fat cells gently and gradually, while sparing all surrounding tissue.*

When the device is first placed on the area being treated, you may feel some pressure and localized cold. This feeling typically diminishes over time. In fact, many patients read, listen to music or watch a movie on their laptop!

Dr. Schwartz Body Contouring Before and After Photos
All before and after photo results vary and are not guaranteed.

The CoolSculpting® treatment is followed by a two-minute massage of the area to help mobilize the crystallized fat cells. There is typically some swelling, tenderness and redness in the area, and, occasionally, some mild numbness or sensitivity. These symptoms generally resolve themselves within a matter of days to weeks, and patients return to work and normal activities immediately or by the following day.*

Unlike some other technologies where the fat cells merely shrink down but, then, over time return to their pre-treatment size, CoolSculpting® provides a long-term body contouring solution by reducing the number of fat cells in the treated area – not merely shrinking them.*

Who Are the Best Candidates for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting® is an ideal procedure for patients who exercise and maintain a healthy diet, but need help getting rid stubborn, pinchable, localized areas of fat, such as the love handles and tummy fat, but can also be used for the inner thighs, flanks, hips, saddlebags, upper back and bra rolls. Good skin elasticity is also important, and just like the other Precision Body Contouring procedures, CoolSculpting® does not provide a total weight loss solution, and you must be committed to a healthy lifestyle to maintain long-term results.

You should see a noticeable reduction in the treated area with each cycle or application. Results usually begin to appear approximately six to eight weeks after treatment, with the most noticeable results typically appearing after two to three months months; however, your body will continue to metabolize fat cells for up to six months after treatment.*

Dr. Schwartz will help you create a CoolSculpting® plan tailored to your specific goals. The length of your session will depend on the number of areas being treated, and the number of treatments required will depend on your body contouring goals.

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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with Dr. Schwartz to see if you are a good candidate.